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Knoxville window tint and film

Knoxville window tint

window film window tinting Knoxville

Knoxville window tint is a true necessity for those who want to save money. Please take a look around our site and give us a call at 865-408-3103 for a quick quote.

People in the Southern United States as well as those in Knoxville Tennessee are living in some of the hottest places in the country. The details and advantages of using window film to combat this situation will be discussed here. Please read on to find out more on our window film here in our site.

The Department of Energy (DOE) has made an eye-opening discovery. Between 25 and 35 percent of wasted energy leaves a building through inefficient windows. To alleviate this problem, a professional application of Knoxville window tinting is the best solution.

Window tint can alleviate problems.

Window tinting in Knoxville can fix the “wasted energy” problem. It is not just a smarter solution, it is the “green” answer for Knoxville as well. It offers a small carbon footprint. The executive director of the International Window Film Association (IWFA) says,

Window film can be quickly installed on existing windows with minimal disruption to daily routine. It gives new life to once outdated windows so owners save on energy while improving the comfort of their work spaces. You can also avoid the removal and disposal costs of the existing windows.“

Increasing your comfort, saving energy and improving the lighting situation in your Knoxville home or building are just some of the things that window tinting can do. Is it time to update your windows? If so, consider the window film choices from Advantage Innovations.


Knoxville window film

What is window film?

Window film is a flexible rolled product created from polyester. It can be crafted from one or more layers of chemically treated or coated polyester that is then installed over glass. It is primarily used for retrofit applications to existing windows. Knoxville residents and businesses have a myriad of choices on what film they can apply to their windows.

We have several Knoxville window film products that are designed for specific end uses. These will include solar and glare control, ultraviolet (UV) blocking, insulating, safety and security film, mirror tint, privacy glass film (including one way glass film), frosted glass film, and decorative films.

The majority of our Knoxville window films offer up to 99 percent rejection of damaging ultraviolet rays. Not only this, but our solar-control films can be ordered with different levels of insulation improvement. If used on exterior windows, the solar-control and security films have the best positive influence and best results for our customers. Interior windows, such as those used for doors or glass partitions, normally use decorative films.


What are the benefits of window film?

Knoxville window film will cut up to 80 percent of the heat that enters a window. The majority of heat can be blocked using our window film. The load on the air-conditioning system can be significantly decreased along with a noticeable decrease in energy bills. Our professionally installed window film can reduce cooling costs by up to 30 percent.

Our films can be ordered in darker colors for glare control or for privacy. They can also appear nearly totally clear. Over 250 solar-control films are certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council. This means our Knoxville window film customers can rest assured of our film’s energy performance potential. We also do commercial window film in Knoxville.

Drop us a line: 865 408 3103

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Kelly Miller, President of Advantage Innovations, has been leading his team through encouragement and motivation for over 18 years. His positive leadership has resulted in complete customer satisfaction. Our main priority is pleasing you, our valued customer.

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